Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spring Gift-away!

Welcome to See Jane Bake's first giveaway!

Let me explain why we're calling it a "gift-away." This event will be for TWO drawings. Each drawing is for a dozen cookies of your choice to be sent to the receiver of your choice. Perfect for any occasion, these cookies make great gifts and are a delight to receive.

To enter, tell us who you'd gift your cookies to and WHY. One prize will be chosen randomly at The other winner will be chosen by Grandma Susie, a champion of sentiment and giving. She'll pick the most touching story and that person will be winner #2.

You may receive ONE extra entry by sharing this giftaway on your blog or Facebook. 

This giftaway ends June 12, so get those entries in!


  1. I would love to send cookies to my Father for Father's Day from my kiddos. He is the sweetest Grandpa to my kids. And my children just adore him. My daughter is a Grandpa girl and even when Mommy can't make things better, Grandpa can. Every time. Even though they can't tell him how much they love him and sweet they think he is. I can see it in their eyes. And I would love to send cookies his way to show him how sweet he is.

    Laura - I'm excited about your venture and wish you tons of luck! Your stuff is adorable!

  2. These cookies are adorable Laura and they are the yummiest and most addicting I've ever had! :) haha

    I would send cookies to my "cousin" (good friend) Jen who has been battling cancer her entire life since she was 18 (and is now in her 30s) After 3 rounds of breast cancer, and then one of cervical cancer, and then kidney stones, they just found another spot on her ovary. She'll be having surgery again soon and I know she is feeling like it is all hopeless since the cancer just won't give her a break. She deserves to have a little cheering up and I know it would make her smile to know we are thinking of her and praying for her to keep staying strong. Her beautiful daughter Lilli, a miracle that came just after fighting cervical cancer, is turning 3 in early July and she could share them with her truly amazing Mommy.

    Congrats Laura, we love you and are so proud!

  3. Hi Laura,
    I'd send them to my Mom. She's been going thru a really rough patch with Ian for quite a while (at least 1.5 years) and things have been escalating. She's such a great Mom and is doing her best and relying on God so much. I try to spoil her and give her some pick-me ups when I can and I think she would love to have some cookies made by an old friend, especially ones that are so cute! My Dad would have a hay day with it too because he always teased me about how I never made him cookies, but Laura and Nina would. Honestly, that's one of the reasons I stopped making him the occasional cookies. lol. I think he teased me too much. Regardless, best of wishes with See Jane Bake!!!!

  4. Well I can't enter this on facebook because the person I would send them to would see it and I want it to be a surprise! Usually I send cookies to Grandma Susie, but I'm thinking as she is a judge, that may not be appropriate!
    Here's my idea.....
    This year, I left my husband on the day of our 4 year anniversary to go meet my new nephew. He's so amazing, I don't think he was very upset, but he joked around a lot saying how his "horrible wife left him on our anniversary!" Now, I've been offered to go on a sailing trip in Maine for free, so I'm going! Downfall, is that's on his birthday too.
    I would give my husband the cookies, so that they would arrive at my house the week I'm sailing. Just as a reminder of how much I love him and how awesome he is!
    You may be thinking, sure, give them to your husband, that way you can eat them too. But if you knew my husband, you would now, those cookies won't last close to one week!
    This contest sounds really neat...have fun Laura and Sue!

    Sarah Jane

  5. Wow, those are some really great entries. This has been a rough year for me with my dad passing away and my husband leaving me. My friend Erica (among many others) has been a constant encourager. We were college roommates 16 years ago. She has been a faithful friend since. She along with her husband and kids prayed for my dad every day during his illness. During this time of losing my marriage, she's prayed and sent countless notes and emails. She is busy working on her PhD and also being a full-time mom. I'd send her the cookies to brighten her day like she's done for me so many times!

  6. I'd give they cookies to my Father for Father's Day - he's done so much for me over the years. He also loves cookies!

  7. We are moving after only being here for 6 months. We're sad to leave our great next-door neighbors who have been so wonderful in being our friends. I would send the cookies to them as a thank you for making the past 6 months so great.

  8. I'd would send them to my mother, who is also my best friend. She now lives over 3 hours away as a result of a new job for my stepdad, so I see her only once every couple months. I want to send these to her as a tangible way of saying how much I miss spending so much time with her, and how much I treasure the weekends we do get to spend together now! Thanks for the opportunity!

    reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com

  9. I would send them to my best friend, my husband, who is away at training this summer for the Marines. He has to spend the summer 8 hours away from his family, which includes a newborn daughter he only got to hold and love for 3 weeks before leaving. I know that these cookies will put a smile on his face for at least one day while we are separated. Military life is hard and I appreciate the sacrifices he makes for both our family and our country. ~Amy Bell